September 09

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in the womb

Mixed media

Flower of Life

(finally got around to finishing it) Mixed media

alien tech

Mixed media

Mixed media

2008 to July 09

layin on the grid
Mod podge, art paper, acrylic, oil, and gold leaf on canvas

Edward's House
Observational - graphite and pen on paper

Flower of Life
A Mandala based on the Flower of Life, and Metron's Cube (shown unfinished).... graphite on paper

Magic Hands
(shown unfinished) Acrylic on wood

Skeleton Love
Mod podge, art paper, and paint on linoleum tile.

2005 to 2007

Mod podge, art paper, and acylic on canvas

Shut up Acrylic on wood board, with heavy varnish

Sad in the Face
Observational - Charcol on watercolor paper

Big Bang
Oil on canvas

Charcol and graphite on illustration board

Self in Vibrations
Charcol and paint on illustration board

2001 - 2004

The Tea Bag
Acrylic on Canvas

Now go do what it tells you.

Mod podge, puzzle pieces, and paint on wood board.

Virgin Whore Complex

Mod podge and paint on wood board

Michael and Child
Mod podge and paint on wooden board

Michael's Frame
glued pieces of things

There wasn't much to this - paint on a mod podged image on wood board

How to Love Yourself
Oil on canvas

an old design-sketch
At 16, bored in class. (before 2001)